BoC Meeting May 7 2021

Here is a look back at this week’s Board of Commissioners Meeting. Your Board wasted plenty of time on nonsense, conspiracies, and of course, zombies. This is a long one, so settle in, grab a Tecate, and prepare to roll your eyes, alot.

Public Comment

It didn’t take long for things to get entertaining. Almost immediately Christian Marcus started making a scene. He requested that no public comment be accepted from persons out of County. The idea sounded good, except that it is illegal. He was told that the Board cannot do that and they moved on to hearing from the public.

Public comment went on for an hour. It was full of 😮 ELECTION FRAUD 😮 nonsense on both sides. It took so long, I had time to write a screed on Cinco De Mayo.

After hearing from members of the public both in person and on line, Marcus returned to demanding that no letters be read from anyone outside of the county. He was ruled out of order. He made a motion. It was tabled. He demanded a vote. The Chairman banged his gavel. Marcus kept at it. Multiple commissioners attempted to explain that this was against the Board’s policy.

Boettcher calmly explained the nature of the Board’s policy and how it is a requirement of the Open’s Meeting Act. Marcus responded with a tirade that included the following (I kid you not):

  • “Communist organization!”
  • “George Soros”

Oh my god. This went on and on. It was a waste of time. This was an argument over parliamentarian rules, sparked by political lunacy. Move on.

In trying to take a vote, the Chairman had to tell Marcus to “listen to me and stop talking”. The Chairman was trying to explain that NO public comment letters would be accepted at any future meetings as a part of the original plan. So, this was a non-issue.

We are now 2 hours into a meeting and the Board has accomplished absolutely NOTHING.

😮 Election Fraud 😮

Bill Bailey is still suing the county. Now, his high-minded issues-based lawsuit is being amended and just wait til you hear why (more on that another time).

As the lawsuit continues, the Board members discussed getting the lawyer on the phone to update them on the progress.

An effort to merely approve minutes from previous meetings was hijacked by Marcus vociferously objecting that his exact words were not included in the minutes. This resulted in much confusion and disagreement about what was said or what was not said. Marcus wants to be sure that everyone knows that he asked the Clerk whether she had deleted files on the voting machines. This took forever and, again, it was just a minutes approval!

We are now two and a half hours into the meeting and the Board has accomplished NOTHING.


Rubingh motioned to reduce the county operating millage rate due to the fact that Antrim maintains a huge fund balance (Approximate $10M).

Much discussion. Bargy objected since the County is not yet able to meet expenditures with revenue. Every year, the County has to take from this fund balance to pay for a gap between revenue and expenditure.

Some of the departments in the county are sitting on fund balances of two years of operating costs. Which does seem excessive, but there is a reason for it – the very same Board that is criticizing the act.

Rubingh was not satisfied with just reducing the general fund. Rubingh wants to reduce other millages. Rubingh wants to examine the Conservation District and wants to know what they are doing with the money.

Remember Rubingh’s mathematically sound motto: DO MORE WITH LESS!

The problem with this entire conversation is that one of the major impediments of County departments actually using the funds is … The friggin Board of Commissioners. The Board impedes the departments from making expenditures and then complains that they have too much money on hand.

Lavanway wanted to know why 911 needs so much money. Staff tried to explain that 911 has so much money in the fund because … The friggin Board of Commissioners told them to! 911 is on a ten year plan and the money is going to be used for future projects, replacements, and improvements.

County departments are required to have a capital improvement plan that lists anticipated purchases and expenditures. Years ago, the Board directed these departments to have funds available for these expenditures, instead of coming and asking for money. Some departments have costly expenditures and have to save budgeted money for years on end.

Certain members of the Board are convinced that County is over-taxed and that money is sitting around, when it should be sent back to tax payers. There was little conversation on what they should have been discussing: improving services, facilities, and staff levels.

Tax payers want to know that tax dollars are being used effectively for community improvement and citizen services. Reducing taxes is not the only means of effective governance.

😮 Election Fraud 😮 AGAIN (this time featuring zombies!)

It’s that time in the meeting where things all go to Hell due to nonsense claims of 😮 election fraud 😮

Lavanway commented at length on the election controversy. There have been numerous requests to vote no confidence for the clerk. Of course, that would be useless; the Clerk is elected.

Possible election fraud , according to Lavanway:

  • Dead people voted. OMG zombies!
  • People voted twice
  • People outside the county voted

Lavanway motioned to conduct a “complete forensic audit,” whatever that is. Rubingh immediately supported the loony-fest motion, even though nobody knew what on earth a “complete forensic audit” is.

Sheryl Guy attempted to explain that the Board could not force the Townships to participate in such a thing, but that was ignored. Garwood also attempted to explain that the Board had no authority to do this, which was also ignored. Marcus declared that he flat out didn’t care if he had the authority or not. Do it anyway!

Boettcher tried to explain point by point that the issues that are being brought up are not backed up by any evidence. He declared that there was no malfeasance, no conspiracies, and such things are ridiculous. Mistakes were made, sure. Now, we should be focused on addressing the mistakes and fixing them He very reasonably asked why we would pay to investigate things that have already been disproved.

Of course, being reasonable does not go far with this Board.

Marcus insists that this whole issue is the fact that the voting machine company purposefully “threw the election” to make sure Trump did not win the election. Marcus states that this has all been “proven”! This was proven by a video that he saw on the internet.

Sweet Lord, this is all so stupid.

Lavanway again wanted to know how many zombies voted. The Clerk explained that federal law required 8 years before someone could be taken off the voter list. Lavanway exclaimed, “8 years! So, think of how many people can vote if they are dead!” Nobody bothered to inform her that if a person was dead, they probably would not be voting. Instead, they’d be eating brainz!

It was then explained to Lavanway that an audit could not be ordered by the Board. Only the State or a court can order it. Oh, by the way, this already happened. The State conducted this.

Watrous makes an appearance. He was concerned that this same thing was happening in other counties and other states. He claims the State wants Antrim to “sweep it underneath the rug” and that is only because “they got caught with their pants down”.


Watrous says that he doesn’t care what the State says. If “the People” want a hand counted elections, then they should get it. He said that the only people who trust these machines are out of state Democrats “on the wagon”. “I’m not stupid!”


The question was then asked what a forensic audit is. Lavanway refused to define that since “we can’t do it anyway”. Yeah, exactly. So, why are we doing this, again?

There was then an agreement to just postpone this whole thing until they could find if they could do this and how to do it. Hours of arguing and wrangling for nothing.

At this point, we are 5 hours into this meeting. FIVE HOURS! There are still two more hours to go. Commissioner Helwig got up and left, because he has a job and a life. I’m going to do the same thing. Unbelievable!

I will try to get around to the other stuff later.

photo of Antrim County voters 2020


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