TruthQuest 1.0

The Quest for Truth!

November 4th, 2020, Central Lake Township MI

A man awakes, sits down with his breakfast in front of his television. Election results fill the screen. Cream of Wheat fills his bowl and his spoon.

A map of Michigan comes on, it is full of RED, beautiful, hopeful RED. These beautiful and hopeful colors represent the counties that have voted to retain Donald John Trump as president. RED is everywhere in Northern Michigan. There is no hideous, socialist BLUE at all. Except in one place – ANTRIM COUNTY ! Antrim County is not beautiful RED; instead it is Socialist BLUE !

Our hero stands up, with mouth agape. The bowl filled with Cream of Wheat falls to the floor…

How can this be? What nefarious chicanery has brought this to bear? Our hero senses conspiracy. He senses evil forces at work. Our hero commits himself to a quest – a quest for the truth.

Introducing, a new series here at ARRRG: TruthQuest 2020. What really happened in Antrim County in and around the 2020 election? We are going to explore the wild, ridiculous, and strange circumstances that dragged little Antrim County into national focus.

Antrim County has more deer than people. Antrim County has only 2 traffic lights in the whole county! Yet, its remoteness, its rural nature did not stop it from becoming ground zero for the investigation into 😮 ELECTION FRAUD 😮

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