TruthQuest 1.1

There are some people who have been so sick of all the nonsense going on in this country that they went to bed last November, put their head under a pillow and have not been out since. They have not looked at the news, socials, or any other internet toxic waste dump.

If you are one of these people, you may not have heard about the 😮 ELECTION FRAUD 😮 So, for those folks, let’s start just by summarizing what has happened.

On election night, exhausted clerks and poll workers finished up their tasks at around 4am. Unofficial results were published, everything was locked up, don’t forget to turn out the lights and hasta manana.

There was no report that anybody at the County Clerk’s office found the results odd or disturbing. But, early morning TV watchers sure did!

Residents of the County (even Democrats) scoffed at the reported election results. There was NO WAY that the canvas was accurate.

unofficial Antrim results Election night

Antrim County is VERY politically conservative. Even some of the deer run around with MAGA hats on. So, there was no way that 62% of voters in the county would vote for a Democrat for president.

So, the calls started rolling into the Clerk’s office. Calls were flying around the county. Texts of disbelief were exchanged. Some people smelled conspiracy. Finally, the Clerk notified the State that, yeah, there’s a problem.

Over the next four days, the Clerk worked with Township officials to correct the error and properly count the vote. The totals kept changing. People were getting frustrated and process dragged on and on. Finally, by November 7th, official results were reported to the State. The numbers were drastically different and they showed Donald Trump winning the county by a substantial margin.

On November 23rd, the Truth Seeker filed a lawsuit. The lawsuit seeks a series of things – An audit of election results, a recount of the canvas, and an order allowing the Truth Seeker to collect “forensic images” of the tabulator machines used in the election.

The Truth Seeker has retained the services of an attorney from the Kalamazoo area, Matthew Deperno. Mr. Deperno has had an interesting year. Let’s take a look at it. I’m just going to mention a few events and link to them with no commentary.

  • He has gotten the attention of the President – link
  • He’s appeared on Newsmax – link – and was lauded for his patriotism (note: Newsmax has apologized for its coverage of the election and posts a disclaimer for their coverage.)
  • He was featured in a documentary – link where he was interviewed by the My Pillow guy. The documentary has been deplatformed and is the subject of litigation.
Deperno appearing in documentary that has been banned by most platforms

That’s right. The My Pillow guy.

The documentary makes wild accusations and repeats conspiracy theories. It claims “these [voting] machines were used to steal our election by other countries including China.”

This is the background for the lawsuit. The lawsuit is a part of a supercharged, highly politicized atmosphere that has attracted national attention to Antrim County and its officials.

Next time on Truth Quest, The Truth Seeker brings in a forensic investigator. And what does he find? Clear evidence of 😮 ELECTION FRAUD 😮

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