TruthQuest 2.1

Quick Aside: Why does this matter?

Before we get into the ASOG report, let’s pause to think about this. It is worth reminding those interested why we are heading down this rabbit hole. Here are three reasons that this is important to examine and understand:

  • There is currently a lawsuit, in which the County is a defendant and is paying legal fees for such a defense.
  • There are many residents of the County that buy into this stuff or are, at least, sympathetic to the thought that elections are sham exercises. BoC meeting public comment is full of it.
  • There are several commissioners that are completely enthralled with this controversy and bring it up often during county business.

Elections should be trusted processes. If there are problems, then they should repaired and resolved rationally and responsibly. However, if the government’s efforts to evaluate election processes is guided by conspiracy theories, internet trolling, and outright asshattery, then the government will have failed in its efforts, critically.

Let the level-headed citizenry come forth and evaluate the evidence.

Now, back to TruthQuest!

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