Today, at the Antrim County Courthouse, residents were subjected to this .

Today, the Judge in the Truth Seeker lawsuit considered a motion to dismiss the suit altogether. Trucker Randy gathered a group of his friends to make a big demonstration to influence the judge or anyone else watching.

Great fun!

There were bullhorn speeches and prayer groups! And best of all, the Trump trailer showed up!

But, remember this is not a partisan political thing, this is just a movement of concerned citizens, trying to advocate for fair elections. You may think, people wearing a MAGA hat around, showing up to meaningless rallies cluttered with trump catch phrases would betray the partisan nature of this whole thing. Not so. We need more.

So, Truth Seeking attorney Matt Deperno goes on to Steve Bannon’s radio show. Steve Bannon is the person on the left that looks like your great aunt that has a Rottweiler named “Baby” that tries to eat your face whenever you show up at her trailer park.

The video shows that this lawsuit is a political stunt. It is an effort to capitalize on the extreme polarization of the political environment. Great Aunt Bannon asks Deperno whether Michigan should perform a very political thing – a statewide audit. Great Aunt Steve flat out says that they are attempting to get on to a “deck plate” at a convention center.

The good people of Antrim County have nothing to do with this nonsense sideshow. This has nothing to do with the makeup of our community. This is partisan political posturing and nothing else.

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