TruthQuest 3.0

What Happened? What Happens Now?

The Truth Seeker’s lawsuit has been dismissed. Right now, it does not look like it is going any further than documentaries by the MyPillow guy. So, now let’s consider these questions:

  • “What actually happened on election night?
  • “Are our elections fair and safe?”

To the first question, the answer is fairly simple, human error. Some people royally screwed up! This has been proven and admitted by the Clerk. The Clerk has taken responsibility and steps are being taken to prevent this from happening again.

So, let’s look at the things that got messed up.

The Clerk’s office did not have the software on the machines properly updated.

Election officials changed the ballot to adjust several local races. They failed, however to re-calibrate the voting machines to properly count the adjusted ballots.

It is also a bit baffling that the Clerk’s Office didn’t catch on that there was a problem sooner.

But, in the end, the mistake was caught and the votes were counted fairly and accurately. In a way, this is strong evidence that the system worked.

The second question is a bit more complex.

Our elections are never safe from threat. We may be able to mitigate the threats, but there is always a possibility that bad actors will infiltrate and manipulate our political process. So, election officials should remain vigilant and put strong efforts in to ensuring the accuracy of the elections.

There is no evidence that anybody that was involved in overseeing this past election was acting in a partisan manner. They were not run perfectly (obviously), but there is no evidence that the mistakes that were committed were of some underhanded origin.

That will not stop the conspiracy theorists from pushing their foolishness. Luckily, we have people in positions of authority in this county who do not buy in to this nonsense… oh wait.

Several of the Commissioners clearly believe in the conspiracy theories surrounding the election and often repeat the nonsensical claims of those theories. Hours upon hours of open meetings are spent seriously dealing with the equivalent of internet trolling. Commissioner Marcus is, of course, the most vocal about it. But, also Lavanway, Watrous, and Rubingh have repeated wacky ideas.

These same commissioners claim that they have to deal with this stuff due to the outcry of the public. What outcry? The trolls who call in for public comment? The clearly partisan coordinated political effort that has targeted the county’s political institutions?

They care enough about their constituents to expend hours of time and hours of attention on some partisan election theory, but they can’t be bothered to purchase a damned garbage can for a county park? They are worried about Trucker Randy’s public comment, but when presented with evidence of a housing crises, they dismiss it as “not our problem”, and move on.

It is worrying that a group of trolls and political partisans can hijack the Board’s agenda so easily. County residents will suffer because of it.

With any luck, the Board of Commissioners will move on. Hopefully they will get back to their actual responsibility. Which, of course, is preventing the county government from actually serving its citizens.

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