Rubingh Math

Commissioner Rubingh decided to congratulate himself for giving the tax payers a break in their property taxes. To do so, he sent a letter to our local “news”paper, the Antrim Review. In preparation for writing his letter, he sat down with a pencil and did some serious math.

He starts the letter by claiming that the Board chose to “put the people of Antrim County first” by giving them a tax cut of $1.523M.

Right away, this is misleading. The vote was to lower the general fund millage rate. You are not getting a million dollar tax cut. That million dollars averages out to approximately thirty bucks a year for every hundred thousand dollars that you own in property. If you own millions of dollars worth of property, sweet! But, if you are an average tax payer, Rubingh’s gift won’t even pay for your Netflix subscription.

Whoopty Shit.

But, this is where Mr. Rubingh’s pencil really starts to do the work. He can show us how that measly pittance of a tax cut is actually huge via MATH!

In his letter, Rubingh claims that the $1.5M actually adds up to $30M in economic stimulation. How can this be? Well, according to the Commissioner, every dollar that you don’t spend in taxes, “trades hands” about twenty times. His citation for this wonder-fact is great: “Many leaders”.

So, follow along closely. Commissioner Rubingh, made up a number (20), used it to turn $1.5M into $30M, and claimed that the source for that nice, round number is “many leaders”.

Seems legit.

You don’t have to make up numbers. Just look at the actual numbers. An annual subscription to the Antrim Review is $36. Just three bucks a month. Rubingh’s amazing tax cut is worth less than that to most property owners in the county.

That money could go a long way in dealing with some of the problems the county is facing: aging facilities, employee retention, unfunded liability, etc. But, instead, Rubingh decided to give it back to the taxpayers in the form of pocket change.

Then, he took a victory lap in the “news”paper and told us you’re welcome.


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