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How to Subscribe to ARRRG Blog

We received a letter from a person identifying themselves as “Erick Kartmen”

Your stupid blog is full of dumb pirate jokes, written by low-IQ morons with liberal agendas. By the way, your website looks like shit. I think a two year old must have designed it. Go to hell.

– Erick

Thanks, Erick!

If you enjoy the content produced by ARRRG blog, just as much as Erick does, then you may consider subscribing.

Simply, type in your email, click subscribe, and you will receive updates whenever one of the lazy buccaneers decide to get off their precious derrieres and post something.

For those that do not appreciate the blog, then we would challenge you to make us go away. It’s easy! If the politicians in charge acted in a rational, reasonable way, we would have nothing to mock or poke fun at. So, elect people that are rational and reasonable. Ouila – the pirate ship sails away.

Until that happens, be sure to subscribe, and we will see you at the next public display of political idiocy!


  1. Tim says:

    I absolutely love reading your blog..keep up the good work !!


  2. kyleedson says:

    Argg shiver me timbers!


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