Board of Commissioners Meeting October 7th

More (Anti)Health Drama

Christian Marcus asked for an agenda item at the meeting. He pointed out that other counties have either ignored or rescinded mask orders. He admitted that he had no real action to take or motion to make. He was just pointing it out.

Politician Jarris Rubingh felt that he needed to say something. He said some very vague things about “they” wanted a change to the law, then they got a law and now they just ignore the law. He tiredly mumbled that “the bureaucrats are going to do whatever they want to do.”

What on earth is he talking about?

The lunacy didn’t stop there. He bemoaned the fact that the Health Department now looked so bad in people’s eyes. Direct quote from Jarris Rubingh: “They’re black. It’s like they’ve been playing in the ashes.”

Let’s just let that direct quote sink in. What did he mean by that? DId he just accuse the Health Department of being Al Jolson?

Lavanway castigated Karen Bargy for cancelling a Health Board meeting due to security concerns. In the midst of this interaction Dawn Lavanway began giggling strangely. We may need to get her some help.

Reruns. These are all reruns. These commissioners had no action to consider. There was no motion made. Nothing was accomplished by this. It was all political theater for political reasons.

These commissioners are turning into a facebook comment section.

Useless waste of time.


Politician Jarris Rubingh objected to the hiring of a new assistant to help the HR director and the finance director with a back log of clerical tasks. To Rubingh, this was an example of government inefficiency. He revealed that both the HR Director and the Finance Director were recently given a raise. Must be nice to get a raise and also less work!

This is inaccurate and not reflective of what this situation is, and he knows it. But, politicians are going to politic.

Lavanway wanted to know why we can’t hire an external firm to do all this stuff. That makes no sense. An external firm for Human Resources? Employees are in and out of HR all day, everyday. Then, she wanted to know why the Administrator can’t just do all this. Also, makes no sense.

“I’m against bigger government,” Lavanway announced uselessly.

The Emergency Manager position is a part time position, for some reason. The job is a big one. The job requires a person to do grant writing, volunteer coordination, the wrangling of the county’s various emergency resources, and massive amounts of communication. That was BEFORE the pandemic. During the pandemic, the job has grown to be full time plus more. The Emergency manager has been requesting more help just to keep up with the workload.

Commissioners were complimentary to the job that had been done by the emergency manager and her team. The pandemic has been very taxing on the County’s emergency services.

In response to this, Politician Jarris Rubingh had a question: “When is this government growth going to stop?”

Wait. What?

Politician Jarris Rubingh also claimed that if the county keeps hiring this way, the county government will be the only employer left. Then, there will be no businesses or jobs other than government.

Wow. You can hear the wind whistling right through his ears.

Politics. This is a politician parroting political talking points. It has no relevance to the very simple thing that was being proposed.

This all sounded like great analysis to Josh Watrous, though, and he questioned whether or not we needed the Emergency Manager to do what she does. For instance, he complained about active shooter drills at the schools. “Those things do more harm than good.”

Watrous also complained that if the emergency manager is made full time, then she would ask for a part time assistant. Where would it stop? He made this statement with no reference point at all.

Useless gibberish.

Ed Boettcher had to be the adult in the room. He stated that public safety is the most important service provided by the county. Christian Marcus pointed out that this was minimal fiscal impact.

And guess what? She’s already working full time. So, what is this about?

The Board voted to approve the change. However, this obvious no-brainer was opposed by the triumvirate of mental deficiency: Lavanway, Watrous and Politician Jarris Rubingh.


The County’s website is a clunky mess. So, a committee of staff researched and received bids from several different deign firms. They recommended a vendor to redesign the site and provide a better, more user friendly experience.

Dawn Lavanway was ready to get into the weeds. She questioned various details of the contract, like migration fees. She wanted to know how we could get out of the contract if there were complaints about the new website. She questioned the IT director, the administrator, and anybody else that she thought of. She questioned them about various evels of incompetence that only exist in her own mind.

Administrator Garwood got a little exasperated and asked Lavanway to trust staff to do their jobs.

Trust staff???

The Board voted to table the signing of the contract until somebody could alleviate Lavanway’s nit-picking, and imaginary problems.

Another important project, needlessly delayed.

That’s our Board of Commissioners!

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