Ditch the Clown Car!

The Apportionment Commission has been at work to adjust the commissioner districts based on census data. Here is what they came up with in September:

Not bad. Not bad at all.

The proposed changes would pare down the Board from nine members to five. This means that the Board would ditch its current clown car format and move it to more reasonable and more agile size.

It makes sense. It will be more efficient , especially by shortening meeting lengths. It will also cost the county less money.

Somebody show Jarris Rubingh these numbers.

Each commissioner is paid a small salary and offered full benefits. This could cost the county approximately $32,000 per year. So, eliminating a few Board positions could save the county $128,000! Isn’t this Rubingh’s obsession? “Do more with less!”

Current Board meetings are ridiculous. Every piece of business requires nine opinions. Nine voices offering input. If there is a crowd, then certain commissioners grandstand and perform for the crowd. Others mindlessly parrot useless political dogma, that sounds like nonsense that your loud drunk uncle would heedlessly yell at a wedding buffet:

“Covid is a hoax.”

“Government is too big.”

“Look at what their wasting my tax dollars on!”

This all creates an unwieldy mess of a Board and meetings are not productive or efficient. So, let’s ditch the clown car, trim the Board and save the tax payers some money.

Hey, Board of Commissioners – do more with less.

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