Board Meeting 11.4.21

Think of the Children’s Lower Faces

The Board of Health was kicked out of the Charlevoix library due to safety concerns stemming from the shitshow that was the September meeting. So, the Board of Health took the show on the road and came down to little ol’ Bellaire.

Politician Jarris Rubingh is on the Board of Health. So is Karen Bargy. Politician Rubingh wanted to terminate the contract of the Department’s Medical Director, and Health Officer. He was informed by their attorney that the Board could not do that because it was forbidden by state law.

But, you will need something more powerful than the law to stop Politician Jarris Rubingh. He went ahead, anyway! Unfortunately for our favorite politician, the vote failed.

This is all happening within the context of a complaint filed to the Attorney General by the Health Officer against her own board. She accused Politician Rubingh and several other Health Board members of violating a state law that specifically prohibits Board members from interfering with the Health Officer’s duties.

The Health Officer claimed that the mask mandate was absolutely justified due to a 425% spike in COVID cases from July to August. But, she failed to recognize a very key decline that concerns many citizens. There was a 100% decline in …



This is America, damn it! Our children have a right to cough, sneeze, and spit in eachother’s bare faces! They should have the opportunity to FREELY pass dangerous pathogens to classmates. They should have the liberty to infect anyone they want, even if they have immunity issues. Why? Because this is America.

Politician Jarris Rubingh believes that our children should be able to show their lower faces. So, he is standing up in defiance of even the law! He knows that every covered mouth and nose is a knife plunged into the heart of Lady Liberty. But, every flying droplet of infected third grade spittle is laced in freedom. Every infected sinus and lung is inflamed by the red, white, and blue.

Keep up the great work, Politician Rubingh. Keep up the fight for our children’s right to share diseased snot.

Freedom sneeze


A person from Gaylord submitted a Freedom Of Information Act request for Karen Bargy’s emails. Well, there were a lot of them and it took a lot of time and effort to collect them all. So, the county fee for fulfilling the request came out to a hefty five hundred bucks. The requester found that to be excessive and appealed the fee.

This once again has to do with the political battle at the Board of Health. There is a lawsuit against the Board of Health, Attorney General complaint, and half-crazed zeal engulfing the mask mandate for schools.

Politician Jarris Rubingh made a motion to wave the FOIA fee in this instance. He was concerned that the county looks like it is hiding something. But, this was met with opposition. Other commissioners were concerned that this would set a precedent for waving other FOIA fees.

Dawn Lavanway chimed in. She claimed that there was already a precedent set when the Board waved a property usage fee so “Joe Short could have a party.”

What? What the hell is she talking about?

This Board spends all kinds of time claiming that they want to bring common-sense, business-minded traits to the Board’s work. Yet, they play political games with everything.

FOIA fees? Are you kidding?

The Board rejected Rubingh’s motion. 5-4. Pay the fee.

ARRRG Investigates

One of the crew on ARRRG has requested an investigation into a very important question about Politician Jarris Rubingh:

Is Politician Jarris Rubingh 30 or 60?

What do you think?

Thirty or Sixty?

Feel free to leave a comment with your choice. Is he thirty or is he sixty? ARRRG will continue to investigate.


Speaking of investigations….

At this point in the recording, the ARRRG writer left his computer to refill his pint with grog. Upon his return, the video recording of the meeting had disappeared. 😮

What had happened?

The Information Technology Department was summoned. ARRRG bylaws dictate that the I.T. specialist that is automatically appointed shall be whichever pirate is least drunk at the given time. This was difficult to determine, but one pirate seemed to be fairly sober and was appointed I.T. specialist.

He looked at the computer. He pressed several buttons randomly. Then, he grunted. At this point, he drew his cutlass and began bludgeoning the computer. Before he was restrained, he did quite a bit of damage.

Thus, we will have to stop here.

Questions arise. What happened to the recording? Is it being scrubbed? Was our I.T. specialist actually that sober? What’s our budget for new computers? What’s our grog budget?

Conspiring minds want to know. Stay tuned.


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