It’s a Sign

Somebody is putting up signs around the county accusing several commissioners of opposing property tax reductions. ARRRG covered this issue back in May.

The signs accuse Commissioners Ricksgers, Bargy, and Helwig of voting no to reduce taxes. This is true. They and Ed Boettcher all voted against a pittance reduction in the general fund millage in May.

The tax “cut” meant a significant revenue reduction for the county. But what is important is the dramatic effect that it will have on us lowly commoners. Isn’t that what Politician Jarris Rubingh claimed was the motivation for the tax reduction? Didn’t he say that the pandemic had been hard on people economically, so the county should reduce taxes?

So, how are the common folk doing out there? What is the financial impact of Rubingh’s tax slashing?

If you own a piece of property worth $100k, then you will save annually $50-$60. Sixty bucks a year. That means you get to save five dollars a month on your property taxes. Rubingh gave us common folk a dollar and a quarter per week.

I guess … Thanks?

While you’re dreaming up ways to spend your buck and a quarter, let’s take a look at how this amazing tax cut may be affecting someone who owns a lot of property.

Let’s pick someone random. How about Politician Jarris Rubingh’s dad?

The Politician’s dad owns a lot of property. In addition to an 850 acre dairy farm, the Politician’s dad owns over 40 properties all over the county in several townships. The property, in total, is worth millions.

So, the Politician’s dad doesn’t get some measly buck and a quarter. The Politician’s tax reduction saved his daddy thousands of dollars.

Way to go, Politician Jarris Rubingh! You made it rain for the ol’ man! Well done.

If you look at this issue a certain way, it could be seen as a loss for the commoners and plebs. The tax reduction is less money that the county government has for services, facilities, and employees. Instead of investing the revenue to serve the community (especially the underprivileged), they gave a big fat chunk of change back to large land owners.

How about this: you keep my five quarters and do something with the county building? It looks like a brutalist nightmare from the 1970s. If Dirty Harry was blowing away crooks, the location of the scene would look just like the county building.

Keep my five quarters. The jail is a death trap. The jail is not set up to serve the community in a way that we need it to. The Sheriff’s annex building is a gross eye sore. Parks are underfunded and county employees are underpaid.

Yet, you want to give me five quarters back? Keep them. There is nothing in the vending machine I want.

Rubingh’s tax cut: great for rich folks, large land owners, and fathers of politicians. Pocket change for the rest of us.

Put that on a sign.


  1. kedson says:

    Oh Jarvis, it’s all about the power, never about the people.


  2. Linda Gallagher says:

    You go, ARRRG, I love it… ________________________________


  3. Oh, how I wish you could be published in local papers! Folks would be shook.

    It’s truly sad and a tiny bit pathetic how excited I get when ARRRG! arrives in my inbox. So hungry for sensible words, I devour it like a heathen.
    Thank you & KEEP ON KEEPING ON!


  4. Christa Brenner says:

    Can we please sit down and grab a beer sometime?


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