Reefer Madness

This writer is deeply ashamed to admit that some of my ship mates have been known to partake in the devil’s lettuce. Just last week a member of the crew was found amidships, lying on the deck giggling, surrounded by empty bags of Doritos.

So, I know the terrible danger that comes with marijuana use.

In 2018, the State of Michigan approved Proposal 1. This legalized recreational use of marijuana. It passed with 56% of the State’s voters approving. It even won a majority of votes in Antrim County!

Ten years before recreational use was approved, medical marijuana was legalized. That law diverted some of the tax revenue to a grant program for local health departments. Health departments can use the grant money for public education and the operating a SAFE program.

This is a routine grant application that comes up at the end of each year. The County must act as the fiduciary entity for the grant, but has little to do with it otherwise. The Board of Commissioners approved the grant at their December 2nd meeting, but two commissioners took the opportunity to voice their concerns about the county dancing with Mary Jane.

Dawn Lavanway said that she has “a lot” of constituents voice concern to her about marijuana use. Although she approved of the grant, she remained concerned about all the wacky tobbacy in our community. Of special concern to her was all the marijuana available to teens. She would prefer to see the money used for mental health issues stemming from marijuana use.

What mental health issues are caused by consuming the chronic? Anxiety due to a potential lack of Funyuns?

Politician Jarris Rubingh had the answer. He cited a book called Tell Your Children the Truth. The book puts forth the argument that marijuana use causes psychosis and violence. Politician Jarris Rubingh expressed his concern about the drug: “It’s really scary.”

This is a matter of great concern for the SS Arrrg. Too many crew members are potheads. We can’t have them suddenly flying into a marijuana-induced homicidal rampage. So, we activated our research department to explore the politician’s concerns.

The book was written by Alex Berenson. Mr. Berenson has recently become a Fox News pundit, who is regularly brought on to drum up concerns about vaccines. He once hosted a show on Fox called COVID Contrarian. So, yeah.

The book itself is, apparently, just a long example of cherry picking data, mistaking correlation for causation, and drawing conclusions from anecdotes. A good honest evaluation can be found here.

If honest , these are fallacies and mistakes that would require an undergrad to redo a thesis. Cynically, however, we must consider the source. Politician Jarris Rubingh, in an open meeting, was citing a professional troll, spewing propaganda.


Unlike Mr. Rubingh, we see no reason to ban tokers on our ship. We just ask that no one mans the helm while under the influence.

Several crew members have been rather twitchy of late. We are running low on Funyuns.


  1. This mystery blog writer continues to come up with some real gems regarding the Antrim County Commissioner meetings.
    Thus article and the “marijuana discussion” held at the recent Commissioner meeting were both very amusing and interesting to me.
    I am one of the board members who voted yes to Mancelona Township’s marijuana licenses, and I am also the person who does the “inspection” at the local level, for the new facilities in our town.
    If the commissioners are really so concerned about these businesses causing psychosis and violence, they should do some of the research done by the Township and Village members.
    We have talked to state experts and police forces who enforce the laws in this highly regulated industry. We have met with people from other towns that have allowed it, lawyers, and consultants. We have toured other town’s facilities. We have talked to the business owners.
    We also know that if our board votes no, there will be someone who puts it on the ballot for the people, which is what happened in Central Lake. We represent the people, who voted for it to be legal.
    The marijuana industry is a highly regulated industry with many benefits and few risks for the township. There is no crystal ball, but even the police officer on our township board is now voting yes to allow these licenses.
    Enough ranting. Enjoyed the article!


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