Pubic Comment

The pirate ship enjoyed a quick cruise to some warmer waters. Thus, we have been out of touch with the shenanigans that the county has got up to. We were looking forward to warm sun and a fine time. Instead, we were all infected by the China Flu, and struggled to maintain working order on our infected vessel.

We became extremely frightened when we found a shipmate, Fat Cecil, amidships, hooked to a ventilator, and struggling for his life. We started preparing to bid farewell to poor Cecil. It was then that we discovered Cecil was just passed out drunk, and he had the good sense to use his CPAP.

But, alas, we have returned, and we are released from quarantine. We stand ready to make Antrim’s ridiculousness.

Upon arrival, we immediately searched for “news” of the county’s faring. On the front page of the Antrim Review “news”paper was a very interesting sentence.

Did you catch it?

“the Antrim County Board of Commissioners heard pubic comment from…”

This got us thinking. When was the last time that we accepted any pubic comment? So, at this time, we will open up for ARRRG members to submit pubic comment.

Our first pubic comment comes from the Pirate Seamus:

Oh, arghh, aye… It seems that my wee ____ has got a bit of a _____ and the seepage has _____ to the point that they won’t give me the antibiotics –

Ok. Seamus, that’s enough. Please stop.

Next up, Jim the Buccaneer:

Those scalawags at the last port tricked me. That buxom lass was not as she seemed. Nay, she was a –

No. No. We don’t want to hear that, Jim. This was a mistake.

Just one more. Fat Cecil, you are awake, alive, and you’re up for pubic comment.

Aye. You see, I have wee little to say about the pubic region. I have not seen it in far far too long. There was a time when I could look down and check the status of my … bait and tackle, aye. But, no more. If I lift my belly a bit, would any of me shipmates care to tell me if there be a bit of a

No. No. Nobody is going to do that. Sit down. Be done.

Pubic comment is a terrible idea.

What is most hilarious about the Review Snafu is that the paragraph deals with comments made by the COA director. But, her comments were not made in public comment at all. She spoke to an agenda item. There was no public comment offered at the last meeting. The Antrim Review gave us a moment both hilarious and fictional!

That’s the “news”.

ARRRG – we’re back.

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  1. dewey says:

    Aye, matey. There indeed was an agenda item concerning the reclassification of an employee’s work status, but if you go to the public comment portion at the end of the meeting, this is where you will find the comments made by the director of the COA. I hope you will seek it out and watch on the county’s Facebook page. Best wishes to all!


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