Reefer Madness Revisited

Just a quick update on the activity of your Board of Commissioners.

On March 3rd, the Board approved accepting money from a state grant. The grant money is derived from Marijuana oversight revenue from the medical marijuana program in the state. The motion was to direct 16,000 in state money to the health department.

Free money. Who doesn’t love free money?

Politician Jaris Rubingh, of course. He once again brought a prop and held up the same book that he has apparently been reading since January (take your time). He once again claimed that marijuana makes people go insane. Then, finally, he ended up voting against he motion. That all sounded good to Josh Watrous; he also voted “no”.

This is money that comes from taxes that medical marijuana users have already paid. It is just a question of where to direct the funds. Rubingh and Watrous don’t care.

Wow. Genius-level self-sabotage, there.

The rest of the Board had the minimal sense to approve this.

When we rant and rail against stupidity in government, this is what we are talking about. These two commissioners are actively playing defense AGAINST the county. This is the opposite of rational government.

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  1. I do wonder if people like Jaris Rubingh ever read anything that has an opposing point of view. While I respect all of the commissioners, I find Jaris’s comments and his views extreme. This is definitely an example. Usually people with extreme views only read stuff that verifies their point of view, versus being open minded.

    I’m happy that most of the board does not usually jump to agree with this type of opinion.

    On the other hand, I do think it’s sometimes good to have an extreme point of view on a board, a devil’s advocate type like Jaris who brings out important points. It’s just too bad that we don’t have a commissioner with an extreme point of view on the other side of Jaris’s, for more balance.


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