Should We Fund 911?

How is this NOT a rhetorical question?

The Board recently approved placing on the ballot a RENEWAL of the 911 millage. This means that 911 is asking to maintain their current funding. It is NOT an increase. Additionally, this was not a motion to do anything other than place the question before the voters: do you want to maintain 911 funding?

What is amazing is that the Sheriff is not asking for an INCREASE. This millage was approved eight years ago, and it has not changed since. That is amazing! Stop to think how much telecommunications have changed in the past decade. How are they not asking for more?

Have things really changed that much? Well, whip out your old iPhone4 and try loading up your favorite Tik Tok. How’d that work? People were impressed by 3G when this millage was first proposed. Now, you wouldn’t wish 3G on your wife’s new boyfriend. Go to hell, Trevor.

People were still using flip phones then. Remember land lines? Nothing in society has changed faster than telecommunication technology.

It is damned impressive that this millage hasn’t skyrocketed.

Want to know who is not impressed? You guessed it: Politician Jaris Rubingh.

He was recognized for discussion on the motion and the first words out of his mouth:

“Taxation without representation is tyranny.”

-Politician Jarris Rubingh

Then, with a straight face, Politician Rubingh told a story about an old widow who only lives up here in the Summer. She can’t vote in Antrim County. Yet, we want to make her pay taxes for 911?


How did nobody explain to the Politician that the one type of person that really needs a reliable 911 service is a little old widow in Ellsworth? How else is the fire department going to get to her house, and get her up off the floor?

There are a lot of widows living in Antrim County. A lot of them have small dogs that they trip over and bust their hip. Others, are just looking for a firefighter to swing by their house, and I don’t blame them. Have you seen some of these firefighters? Yowza! Fire ain’t the only thing that is hot.

We’ve got an aging population, and 911 is pretty damned important.

Again, this proposal is just allowing the people to vote on whether they want this millage to fund 911. Rubingh wants to block the people of his district from voting on whether they want to fund 911. Then, he turns around and claims that giving people the option to vote on something is, in fact, taxation without representation.

Allowing people to vote is tyranny.


Once again the rest of the Board had enough brain cells to not sabotage their own people. Rubingh voted against allowing people to vote on a millage.

Who is he representing at this point?


  1. Laurie Stanek says:

    I thought I wanted to comment on Mr Rubingh s lack of knowledge, but I have no words


  2. I do agree that 911 is an important service and one that the widow might need.

    Thankfully as technology gets better, the cost of technology goes down tremendously.Thankfully we aren’t paying $5000 for a basic computer like we did 30 years ago. So I would not expect them to raise the millage.

    Also, it is a fact that second home residents have no say or vote regarding their taxes. Just look at the difference in property taxes between the homeowners up here who HAVE a vote, versus the much higher property taxes on residents who live and vote elsewhere. People are happy to raise taxes on other people, so these people get socked big time.

    I don’t have the answer, but the fact that second homeowners pay crazy property taxes is truly an example of taxation without representation.


    1. Say What? says:

      Do you really believe residents in Antrim County, when they go to the polls to vote for whatever proposal is on the ballot that requires an increase in taxes, enter the voting place saying to themselves “I’m going to vote for this because a tax increase will stick it to the lake front property owners.”? C’mon! I think people vote to increase their taxes for a betterment of service or to obtain something not available.


  3. James says:

    I am surprised that there is no increase. Yes, while many IT appliances (Computers for example) have reduced in price and increased in abilities in recent years, there are new items that need funding or enhancement. How is the cyber security of the county’s assets? That is all backroom behind the wall infrastructure that protects our information that nobody really ever thinks about. Hire a white hacker to try and get in as a test. How about disaster recovery? Would a fire stop all IT-related things? Do they have an offsite backup center that is replicated every night that can fire up in case of that event? I suspect they have some sort of backup processes in place, but could they become more seamless without affecting the routine business of the day. I routinely hear that the 911 center is down. No calls can come in as planned. How does that serve the county? How about modernizing many more of the county’s vehicles to have information access for emergency events? How about the radio systems? There are probably many things that need enhancement within the county’s IT space.


  4. Brenda Ricksgers says:

    Think about the demographics of our county! We have a lot of hills and dead spots for communication of emergency services. The 911 board has been working on putting up a new tower to help with better communications. Not a cheap undertaking! 911 covers so many things that many people have no idea. It is not just the fact you can call in if you have an emergency and yes that is really an important part of our emergency system.


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