It is that time again. Time to check the mail!


Dewey wrote to us with a correction. We mocked the Antrim Review‘s “Pubic” Comment article. In that post, we accused the “news”paper of unnecessary self-inflected injury, since the comments in question were during the regular agenda, so there was no need for the typo.

Aye, matey. There indeed was an agenda item concerning the reclassification of an employee’s work status, but if you go to the public comment portion at the end of the meeting, this is where you will find the comments made by the director of the COA. I hope you will seek it out and watch on the county’s Facebook page. Best wishes to all!


Yeah. Thanks to Dewey for the feedback. Dewey obviously watched the entire meeting, unlike us.

We try not to make mistakes, but we’re drunken pirates. So…

On Second Thought

Laurie was going to write us about Politician Jaris Rubingh, but she ran onto a problem:

I thought I wanted to comment on Mr Rubingh’s lack of knowledge, but I have no words

– Laurie

Politician Jaris Rubingh has left people speechless with his stupidity. Wonderful.

Speaking of, we seriously need to get to the bottom of this blog’s greatest mystery: How old is Jaris Rubingh?

Help us out

Democrats Aren’t Funny

Donna runs a BookFace group called Concerned Antrim County Citizens. She has linked to ARRRG several times, and has commented here. Donna, your participation is welcome!

However, she made a very confusing comment on BookFace:

It is funny stuff!! Seems to be a Democrat, so that narrows it down significantly.

Donna on BookFace

Um, that is a contradiction. If we are funny, then there is no way in hell that we are Democrats. Democrats aren’t funny. Full stop.

Just because we do not blindly listen to a Pillow Guy about his conspiracy theories does not make us a full tilt mask-wearing AOC fangirl Dem. That’s ridiculous. We’d be happy to mock all the idiot Democrats that are running the county, but there aren’t any.

Why do people have to be on one side or the other? Some of us refuse this narrative. It is a false dilemma. We are not Democrats (we are hilarious). We are not Republicans (we can read).

Wait. Most of us are not Republicans. Jim the Pirate is definitely a Republican – totally illiterate. That sounds mean. But, how would he ever know?

Other than him, we do not join the False Dilemma that has been invented by the Lame Stream Media. You don’t have to be one or the other. Maybe you just want to drink beer, mock politicians, and commit maritime crime. If so, you are at the right place.

Just a reminder, you are welcome to send us your thoughts, opinions, and spicy hot takes any time. There should be a feedback box in the lower left corner. Or you can always comment on the individual posts. Type away!

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  1. dokrieggmailcom says:

    Thanks for appreciating my comments, but you are confused about me being on one side or the other. I am purely Libertarian, and was even elected as one for Mancelona Township. Therefore, I am a total outsider, fitting into nowhere. I absolutely do not believe that there are just 2 categories of people.

    I do love to watch the drama between the parties, because it’s about as funny as your column. So yes, your column is funny, but that’s not why everyone thinks you’re a Democrat. I think you’re a Democrat, or at least a Democrat leaning person, because of the many opinions that you have, and the way those opinions slant.

    Do you honestly think that any of the Republicans in this county would mock Commissioner Rubingh like you do?


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