Liberal Activist

LIBERAL ALERT: Please be advised and take all necessary action regarding the following warning. A Democrat has been spotted in the county and is running for office. His name is Trucker Randy.

Before we go any further, Agree or Disagree: Trucker Randy looks like Santa Claus after an epic bender.

Non- racist Democrat Trucker Randy

Trucker Randy filed to run for the 37th State Senate seat as a DEMOCRAT. That’s right a Democrat.

For those not aware, Trucker Randy is a blowhard with a podcast. He used to be chairman of the Antrim County Republicans. He left because one of the most conservative groups of people in the country were not insane enough for him. He started his own party with some dumb dog whistle name like the Conservative Patriot Union or something like that.

He helped push the big election conspiracy the last few years. He is friends with Garrett Soldano. He is never afraid to grab the mic and say crazy things. The brand new Democrat even has ties to Eric Moliter who was arrested as part of the conspiracy to kidnap Gov. Whitmer.

Of course, as soon as he announced his run, journalists started wondering about all the racist stuff that he has said. Randy clapped back “I am not a racist”. That is a phrase that most people should not have to say, but Randy had the courage to say it.

Most people would be upset at being called a racist. That is totally understandable. Democrat Randy is being singled out and called a racist for one reason and one reason alone: all the racist stuff he said into a microphone.

In just one episode of his show in March, he claimed that LGBTQ people were confused about what was between their legs. He said that African Americans run the country. Except for VP Kamala Harris. She does not run the country because, Randy said, she is not black. He laments that “They” make him feel guilty for believing that a family should be white. “They” want us to die and go away, he said.

He wraps up by whining that he has to put up with seeing multi-racial families in television commercials during basketball games. Why can this man not just look at what he wants to see – white families and only white families on TV? Why?

Wait. Why are people calling Randy a racist, again?

Solid Democrat.

On his show, he claimed that he wants his fellow nutcases to run as Democrats also. This, he claims, will confuse the Democrats.

You may need to work on your camouflage, Randy.

Nobody is confused by this. Nobody is tricked by this. This is just dumb. And you know ARRRG is all about stupidity in politics! We’re here for it!

And guess what! This Democrat Randy nonsense is only the second most interesting story regarding this Senate race. Check this craziness out –

There will be more to all of this. So, stay tuned.

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