Know Your District

Don’t forget that this year’s elections have a new map. Last year, the apportionment commission recommended a change to the commissioner districts, and a reduction of the number of commissioners from 9 to 5. So, many people in the county may be changing districts.

It is important that you check the new map and make sure that you know who you are voting for in the adjusted districts.

The Apportionment Map is here.

Of course, several commissioners are running against each other this year, and there are also several that are stepping down. So, check the map, do your homework, and get ready to vote.

August 2nd is the primary election.

November 8th is the general election.


  1. groovygifts says:

    Thanks for a good reminder, most people I’ve talked to have no idea the districts changed.


  2. Sallie says:

    Thank you. Very helpful!


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