Do Your Job

Is your commissioner actively playing defense against the county’s citizens? Are they trying to get to a point where services need to be cut?

Some commissioners see their primary responsibility as making sure the county is run efficiently and that it effectively serves the county’s residents. Other commissioners see their job as a stop-gap to keep the county from over spending. Finally, some commissioners see their job as a means of giving their dad a big tax cut.

The current board has some members that are interested in providing services to the people of the county. But, they are in the minority. Most of the Board follows Politician Jarris Rubingh around and does his bidding. Tax cut is a phrase that is never far from their mind. They are like trained parrot:

SQUAWK! Polly want a tax cut?

These so-called tax cuts have a minimal impact on normal people. They are meant to benefit rich people and large land owners. However, parrot commissioners brag about these stupid useless tax reductions like they are the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Don’t trust these parrots. Any commissioners that are running around squawking about tax cuts are either so simple-minded that they are unable to understand basic arithmetic. Or, they are cynical political snakes who utilize useless tax cuts as political propaganda to convince people that they are doing a good job.

They are not doing a good job.

These parrots are ignoring dilapidated buildings, failing to maintain staffing levels in important departments, and not sufficiently planning for the future.

Go look at the county jail. What is being done about it? Nothing.

At the same time, while ignoring pressing concerns, these parrots are sniffing around millages and programs trying to find possible reductions. A reduction in revenue will equate to a reduction in services. There is no way around it!

So, instead of attempting to find solutions to current problems, these parrots are trying to create more problems.

The job of a commissioner is NOT to play defense against providing county services. So, why are so many of them doing it?

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