Commissioner Grades – District Two

Let’s evaluate how each commissioner is doing so far in their time on the Board. We will rate each commissioner on their abilities in five different criteria. The rating will be on a 3 point scale.

3 = Excellent | 2 = Very Good | 1 = Satisfactory | 0 = Not Good at all

Here are the criteria:

Reasonable/Rational. Does the Commissioner act in a manner that shows rational thought patterns, and does the Commissioner consider proposals is a reasonable manner?

Effectiveness. Does the Commissioner get things done? Do they move the Board toward accomplishment?

Political Perspective. Is the Commissioner focused on the local needs of the County? Do they avoid playing idealistic political games, and do they concentrate efforts on accomplishing county business?

Communication. How well does the Commissioner communicate with members of the public and with fellow Board members? Do they articulate their mission/vision for the County?

Entertainment. How crazy are they? Do they provide comedic content for the ARRRG blog?

Okay. Here we go.

District 2 Commissioner – Josh Watrous


None. Politician Jarris Rubingh once offered the Board a tirade of illogical nonsense and gibberish. Watrous responded to such lunacy with this:

“You took the words right out of my mouth.”

He regularly gets pissed off about political matters. He told an open meeting that he doesn’t have “enough rope” to fix all the problems in the state.

Rating: 0


Watrous only serves on committee assignments that are “as needed”, he does not offer much at all to meetings or decisions. But, at least he keeps his opinions to himself for the most part. He did vote to approve an increase for county veterans affairs. So, we will give him a point.

Rating: 1


So bad. During COVID he would sometimes throw tantrums about mask mandates. He informed the Board that the government can’t make anybody wear a mask. He voted against a resolution supporting constitutional rights because it didn’t say enough about guns. He clearly buys the 😮 election fraud 😮 nonsense.

Rating: -1


Mostly, Josh keeps to himself. Which we are all grateful for.

Rating: 0


Not entertaining at all. He is actually a tiresome grump.

Rating: 0



  1. Sallie says:

    Thank you for the scale and the analysis. We all have so much to learn and you are giving an important perspective!
    I always read your newsletters.
    Sallie Foley
    Forest Home Township


  2. Linda Gallagher says:

    Thank God he isn’t running again. L


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