Commissioner Grades – District Eight

Let’s evaluate how each commissioner is doing so far in their time on the Board. We will rate each commissioner on their abilities in five different criteria. The rating will be on a 3 point scale.

3 = Excellent | 2 = Very Good | 1 = Satisfactory | 0 = Not Good at all

Here are the criteria:

Reasonable/Rational. Does the Commissioner act in a manner that shows rational thought patterns, and does the Commissioner consider proposals is a reasonable manner?

Effectiveness. Does the Commissioner get things done? Do they move the Board toward accomplishment?

Political Perspective. Is the Commissioner focused on the local needs of the County? Do they avoid playing idealistic political games, and do they concentrate efforts on accomplishing county business?

Communication. How well does the Commissioner communicate with members of the public and with fellow Board members? Do they articulate their mission/vision for the County?

Entertainment. How crazy are they? Do they provide comedic content for the ARRRG blog?

Okay. Here we go.

District 8 Commissioner – Jason Helwig


Helwig doesn’t say much during meetings. Which, we are generally thankful, since meetings can last 7 freakin’ hours. But, generally he takes solid positions and shows rationality. He can be pushed around and talked into changing his mind, though. He has also expressed opposition to building new facilities, and prefers kicking the can down the road, or slapping a band aid on the current problems.

Rating: 1


Helwig serves as a liaison to the Conservation District, and also is part of the capital improvement committee. He generally serves his district well. However, he went along with Politician Jarris Rubingh’s stupid and meaningless reduction in the operating millage.

Rating: 1


Helwig avoids the political nonsense. He does not offer pithy one liners, nor does he interject irrelevant talking points. He focuses on the issues that affect this county.

Rating: 3


We don’t hear much from Helwig. Sometimes his position is a mystery until he votes. He stated publicly that Rubingh’s original steep reduction in the operating millage would require a reduction in services, and he opposed that. He then turned around and voted for the second, less steep reduction. Why?

Rating: 1


No entertainment. No good content from Jason Helwig. Ho Hum.

Rating: 1


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