Commissioner Grades – Recap

Let’s go from worst to first.

  • Rubingh – 0 | Politician Jarris Rubingh actively works against the county’s best interests. He proudly impedes progress. His only redeeming aspect is the entertainment we get from the stupidity that comes from his mouth.

  • Watrous – 0 | Josh Watrous just does whatever Rubingh does. He’s a trained parrot.

  • Lavanway – 2 | All aboard the CRAZY train! This commissioner is full of bad ideas, and she is not afraid to share them.

  • Marcus – 4 | Christian Marcus is slightly more reasonable than Lavanway. But, he also has his moments of craziness.

  • Vanalstine – 6 | The chairperson is the top clown of the clown show. He is doing a better job than we anticipated. But, there are a lot of LONG meetings that are accomplishing little.

  • Helwig – 7 | He is a man of mystery and easily swayed. But, he is trying to represent his district well.

  • Bargy – 9 | She had a rough term, but did a good job standing up to this Board’s extremes and nonsensical decisions. The voice of reason in an insane asylum!

  • Ricksgers – 10 | A solid commissioner who stands up to stupidity and speaks for her district. Somebody needs to be the adult!

  • Boettcher – 11 | We advocate for rationality in local government. Ed Boettcher personifies rationality. He has performed his duties with solid reasoning and responsibility.

This Board is clearly awful. It shows in their work (or lack thereof). But, there are a few reasonable people on the Board that are trying to do good things. We hope those reasonable few that are running for reelection are retained, and the loudmouthed loons are sent packing. But, that is all up to the voters, and the primary is coming soon.


  1. dewey says:

    Thank you for your analysis of each of the current commissioners. Unfortunately, some of the commissioners with the higher scores aren’t running, potentially leaving the board to the loons.


  2. Linda Gallagher says:

    I can’t make a public comment, but you’ve made a good assessment of the board, imho. I will happily wave goodbye to Watrous, but I will miss Karen, a very smart lady if a bit acidic, and Ed. Too bad we can’t get rid of Rubingh, too, but the Ellsworth community is tight, I have no doubt he will win re-election. Marcus vs. Lavanway will be interesting, I have no idea what to expect.

    L ________________________________


  3. I am confused that Linda Gallagher can’t make a public comment? What does she consider herself to be doing? Just curious.


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