A Clear Sign of FRAUD

Politician Jarris Rubingh wants the people of his district to send him back to the Board as a reward for all the ways that he screwed them over. So, he has deployed signs all over the place so his supporters can virtue signal their front lawns.

Did you spot the problem with his sign? Look again.

No, it is not the tractor in the middle. But, since it was mentioned. That guy talks more about being a farmer than a firefighter brags about being a firefighter. Good Lord! We get it, already. You’re a freakin’ farmer.

The problem is the very first word at the top of the sign. “Re-elect”. Jarris was elected in District 1. Since re-apportionment, he is now running in District 2. So, he is running, for the first time, for the Commission seat from District 2. It is, therefore, NOT re-election that he is seeking.

Claiming incumbency can have advantages. So, it seems unfair to do it when you are not an incumbent. In fact, it should be illegal!

Oh, wait. IT IS ILLEGAL!

According to Section 944 of Michigan’s Election Law, people running for office who are not incumbents are forbidden from advertising as an imcumbent. They cannot have signage or advertising that lists them as incumbent, or claim to be running for “re-election”. In fact, it is a Misdemeanor in the state of Michigan.

But, here’s ol’ Jarris: blatantly breaking the law.

Wasn’t this the same guy that demanded a recount, even when it was explained that it was outside the Board’s power? Wasn’t he worried sick about 😮 Election Fraud 😮 and demanded integrity?

But, maybe he just slipped up. Perhaps this was an honest mistake. They happen, right?

NO. He does not get the option to claim that. When we were in the midst of the election snafu, he would not allow it to be a simple whoopsie. He did not allow the clerk to claim a mistake was made, so we cannot allow him to make such a claim. If he wants election fraud investigated, then let’s do it.

If you live in Politician Jarris Rubingh’s district, you should consider calling the prosecuting attorney, or the Attorney General’s Office.

Hey, Jarris. Stop breaking the law.

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