Administrator Search

Administrator Pete Garwood has announced his upcoming retirement.

At the July 21 meeting, Dawn Lavanway suggested spending $20K to hire the Michigan Municipal League to run the hiring process. She suggested that the League has the capability to find a bunch of great candidates. 20K will be spent and the amazing candidates will appear. Voila!

Ed Boettcher called her out on this pipe dream. Everybody’s hiring. Other counties have recently done this and have struggled to find candidates, just like every other municipality and business. The County has a Deputy Administrator who is qualified and capable. Why spend $20,000 when the County has a HR department?

As usual, Lavanway claimed that she is an expert. “I’ve done this before,” she claimed.

Really? You’ve hired a County Administrator before? Okay, sure.

Local expert Dawn Lavanway insisted on a vote for her dumb idea, which she lost 2-6.

The County Administrator is the most important county employee. The position requires a working knowledge of everything the sprawling county government takes part in. It is important that the person they hire is capable and qualified. Some stuffed shirt is not going to cut it.

The ARRRG team is on the job and will keep an eye on the search process. We just feel sorry for the poor sap, whose job will be working with this god-awful Board.

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  1. Norman R. Hayes says:

    We have an excellent assistant administrator already that can step in on day one and do the job!


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