Time to mosey out by the road and check the ol’ mailbox. Let’s see if we got any good letters!


We received several notes about one particular topic that was too gossipy even for this well-respected boat full of drunken idiots. But, we can ask some questions.

Why did Terry VanAlstine support Dawn Lavanway’s terrible idea?

At this last meeting, Dawn made a motion to hire an outside firm to conduct a search for the next County administrator. Everybody thought this was a waste of money and a dumb idea. The commissioners felt that the HR director was perfectly capable. It also sounds like they have an internal hire in mind. So, why waste the money?

Oddly enough, the notorious penny-pincher Chairman seconded Dawn’s dumb motion, and was the only commissioner to vote along with her. He did this despite not actually vocalizing any reason for the support.

Isn’t that strange? Why did he do that?



Do you have a hot tip? A little bit of snitching to do? Feel free to drop us a note. This is especially for Antrim County hostages employees.

Below is a snitch form that is a bit more private than leaving a pubic comment.

Hate Mail

We receive a lot of encouraging messages. People write us with thanks, and notes that plead for more. We appreciate those, but hate mail is SO much more fun. For example:

“Go back to Ann Arbor, you twat.”

Anonymous Fan

“Imagine a person who thinks government can fix housing affordability issues… THE GOVERNMENT CAUSED THE HOUSING AFFORDABILITY ISSUES YOU STUPID F—ING C–T”

Anonymous Fan

“No one wants your liberal democrat bullshit. Go to hell.”

Anonymous Fan

“That last donut is mine.”

Jim the Pirate

Thanks for all the love content. Keep it coming!

For the several writers accusing us of being Democrat operatives, we will explain again. We are no more Democrat than Trucker Randy. Local issues should not be seen through a prism of a political party. That only distracts. Real neighbors can use common sense to think through these issues and come up with positive solutions. You don’t need to be an Elephant or a Jackass. But, some people can only think in terms of us vs. them. That’s too bad. Their world is probably very small.

Harsh Language

We received a couple complaints regarding us calling commissioners names. One writer said that it was disrespectful to refer to Dawn Lavanway as “wacko”.

Is that too harsh? We thought that was pretty mild. We get WAY worse than that in our inbox. We referred to Lavanway, Watrous and Politician Jarris Rubingh as the “Triumvirate of Mental Deficiency”.

Should we have said that Lavanway “exhibited the behavior of one who is wacko”?

Our criticism is restricted to what the Board members say in public and some of it is cRAzY. The word “wacko” seems like an accurate description of things that come out of some of these commissioners’ mouths. Lord knows the things they say when they are not on the record!

Why Not Run?

We have received quite a few requests along the lines of “Why don’t you run for a Board seat?” Which one of us do you want to run? Who is to say that one of us isn’t running for a spot?

Besides, if we ran, who would make fun of us?

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  1. Kevin Bargy says:

    We know why he second the motion, he’s got a thing for crazy wack jobs in the sac

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