Shut This Blog Down

It is primary election day. Did you vote yet?

When you do vote, remember this blog. Your choice could shut this blog down. If you vote against crazed loony politicians that say stupid things and make terrible decisions, what would we have to make fun of? If you vote for rational and sensible people, it could mean the end of this blog!

If you want the S.S. ARRRG to keep sailing the high seas, remember to vote for the nuts. If you want the County to work efficiently with healthy leadership, well… you should probably avoid voting for idiots.

Also, please remember that there are some township issues on the ballot. There are congressional primaries to be decided. There is also Antrim’s 911 Millage that is on the ballot. Important stuff!

The choice is up to you. Go vote!


  1. Laurie says:

    As much as I enjoy this blog I do have to vote for the sensible the health of Antrim County depends on it. But make no mistake I do enjoy and learn from your hard work. Thank you!


  2. Norman R. Hayes says:

    Do NOT shut down!


  3. Disgruntled says:

    How did politician rubingh get 800 votes??????


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