Kick the Can

Commissioners met August 4 and facilities were a big topic. An engineering firm presented a bid to fix the County Building’s facade. There were several options presented, but the Board settled on uninstalling the rickety death panels, and replacing them with modern metal-masonry hybrid panels.

The price for this option came in at $3.5 Million.

Karen Bargy objected to an expensive fix without having a long term plan. As this humble blog has pointed out several times, the County is barreling into the future without a clue about where it is going. This Board has actively avoided strategic planning for facilities.

Bargy called for a meeting dedicated to the long term direction of facilities. The Chairman continues to refuse to do any such thing. An attempt to table the item was voted down. So, the $3.5M project was off for a vote of approval.

Politician Jarris Rubingh joined Bargy, Ricksgers, and Marcus in voting against the motion. Watrous was absent, so this meant the vote failed in a 4-4 tie.

The Chairman was visibly perturbed. Ricksgers voiced that she was all for fixing the problem, we just need to plan for it. Bargy again called for a meeting before the next Board meeting. The Chairman refused and said it wasn’t happening.

Everybody wants to keep the County building from killing citizens. Everybody wants to get this fixed. All the rogue commissioners are asking for is a plan. That is more than a reasonable request. It is a responsible thing to do. The County’s leadership should be proactive in its approach to facilities. Instead, they choose to be reactive. Instead, the Board Chairman consciously chooses to slap band aids on big problems.

Kick the can down the road!

Why? Why not just agree on a plan? What are we avoiding?

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