Facilities Again

The Board reconsidered the problems with the county building at their most recent meeting. At the previous meeting, Commissioners failed to approve a $3M proposed fix for the problems. Some Commissioners felt that it was foolish to spend so much money on a building that is 40 years old and has plenty of other problems. Why not develop a strategic plan to guide facility expenditures, and THEN figure out where the County Building fits into that plan?

Simple request: keep the cart behind the horse.

Politician Jarris Rubingh called on Josh Watrous to render his opinion. Watrous works in construction and could be considered an expert on such matters, but his political specialty is parroting Rubingh. So, when Politician Rubingh served him up, Watrous had the following to say:

“That’s a chunk of change.”

That’s really all he had to offer. Thanks, Josh.

Karen Bargy renewed her objection that the Board was barreling down the road, reacting to problems, and trying to make course corrections without any idea where they are actually going. There is no plan. There is no long term vision for the County’s buildings. Bargy objected to “throwing good money at bad”.

Christian Marcus pointed out that the stairwells of the County Building are a safety problem, but the biggest safety problem is still the jail. He notified the public that using ARPA funds to fix the County Building would use up most of the county’s ARPA funds.

Dawn Lavanway said that there “might” be issues in the jail, but the building is not falling down. She seemed to be advocating ignoring the jail for now. This shows that Lavanway has no idea what she is talking about when it comes to the jail issues. Bargy called her out on it, and asked why the jail was not a part of the Capital Improvement Plan that Lavanway helped create.

The fact is that there are acute safety concerns at the jail. Right now. Commissioners don’t see them because they don’t work there, and most of them don’t get arrested on a regular basis.

Bargy stated that she would vote no because there was no plan to deal with these issues and it would basically destroy any hope of utilizing ARPA funds to finance the long-awaited broadband project.

Marcus, Bargy, and Watrous opposed the expenditure. The rest of the Board approved it. This time, it went through. The basic political reason that it passed this time is because Politician Jarris Rubingh changed his mind.

So, the Board is off and running. They are about to drop a cool $3 Million + in Biden Bucks to fix the Old County Building. Thanks, Joe!

Still, the County is proceeding into the future completely in the dark. No plan. No direction.

Does the Board just hope that the Federal government prints off money and gives it to counties every once in a while? That is how they hope to deal with future building issues?

For a Board of all Republicans, they put a lot of hope on Ol’ Joe.

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  1. groovygifts says:

    Sometimes I think I may have to stop reading the blog it’s so damn depressing… But your humor is spot on and facts straight. Still I have hope, there’s a Democrat in CL who could win if everyone who voted for me votes for him!

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