Commissioner Meeting September 22

Politician Jarris Rubingh got to hold the gavel at the September 1st meeting. Chairman VanAlstine was gone and Rubingh filled in as Chairman.


Richard Friske gave public comment. He complained about the county trying to hire a full time person to serve food to the jail birds. Friske objected to the out of control expansion of government. “We have to find ways to shrink the government,” Friske intoned.

Who does he expect to feed the people who are in jail?

Friske wanted to know what sort of gourmet food is being fed to the jail birds. How much does this cost the hard working tax payers?

The Sheriff explained that it is currently impossible in the employment environment, to fill the position as part time. He explained that the current food service manager has to feed the jail birds three meals a day, seven days a week, because he can’t find help. He doesn’t get a day off, and he is getting burned out.

Jail birds have to eat, and the Sheriff’s office has to feed them. The Sheriff explained that the jail has to be Safe Serve certified, it has to meet standards, and offer specialty meals for jail birds with special needs. The jail is able to do this for about $2.80 per meal.

A two dollar jail meal? That sounds worse than the slop we get in the galley of the SS ARRRG.

These arguments about shrinking government are so dumb. How do you get cheaper than two bucks a meal?

Dawn Lavanway piped up. She stated that the jail’s food expenses are too much. She also claims that her constituents are coming to her complaining about how good the food is at the jail.

Did she not hear that the average meal costs two bucks? Do her constituents want to eat a $2 jail meal?

You know what? They might.

Fake Chairman Politician Jarris Rubingh told the Sheriff that he should ask around to other law enforcement agencies and see what they do. The Sheriff retorted “I think I have the intelligence to do that.” This was followed by an awkward silence.


Rubingh and Lavanway opposed the motion and voted against it. Everybody else approved, and it passed. They apparently believe that the food service person in the jail should never have a day off, and that $2 a meal is too much. Either that or they think that inmates don’t need to eat. But, it was approved.

Great! Now watch what will happen. People all over Lavanway’s district will be committing crimes in a desperate attempt to get into jail, and enjoy the delicious jail food.


A letter supporting a company’s effort to lay fiber in the area was discussed. Dawn Lavanway objected to it. She objected because she felt that the County did not have an actual plan for providing broadband.

Now, she wants a plan?

This is the same person that opposed planning for facilities. This is the same person that presented a ridiculous, short sighted Capital Improvement Plan. Now, she is insisting on an exhaustive plan for broadband provision?

She also accused the Deputy Administrator of broadband mapping that excludes parts of her area. The Deputy tried to explain to her that the areas that she references are served by TrueStream and already have access to broadband, or there was some other reason for exclusion. It was not an attempt to keep her people off the interwebz. She didn’t listen, and burst through to her next silly talking point.

Christian Marcus tried to get a word in edgewise, but Lavanway (who had been going on and on for ten minutes) appealed to the Fake Chairman that she was not done.

Lavanway then proclaimed that she had spoken to two of the people listed on the letter, and they are unaware of anything to do with this. ARRRG read the proposed letter. There is only one person from Antrim County listed on the letter and that was Terry VanAlstine. Is she saying that she spoke to Terry about this? Why not just say that? What’s going on with these two?


Chairman Politician Rubingh showed further ignorance of Bellaire. Previously, Rubingh had objected to repairing the courthouse clock. Bellaire-area commissioners were aghast by his opposition. “It’s our clocktower!” exclaimed VanAlstine.
During the Sep. 1 meeting, Rubingh pronounced Richardi Park as “Rich Artee” Park. He definitely sounded like a tourist. He was corrected quickly as to the correct pronunciation (“Richard Eye”).

Come on, Politician Rubingh! You sound like you came up here from Chicago.

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