Dumb Intersections

Not a whole lot going on right now. So, how about a list? The internet loves lists. The ultimate click bait! “Top ten ghost towns in Michigan.” “5 things about Miley Cyrus you need to know right now.” “Four signs that your son is pregnant.” Clickbait! So, here we go with our own list. TopContinue reading “Dumb Intersections”

Barnes Park

The Parks Department has been busy developing plans to expand and improve Barnes Park. Anyone who has ever been to the park knows that it is a beautiful lakeshore, with wonderful walking trails. The only blemish on the park is the people that camp there. All summer, the park is packed with downstaters. They driveContinue reading “Barnes Park”

Jarris vs. Broadband

Politician Jarris Rubingh is notoriously bad with technology. He always needs help from staff in figuring out his ipad. He uses incorrect terminology, and is generally lost when it comes to using devices built in this current century. In July, he sent an allegedly illegal letter to constituents that appeared to be pecked out onContinue reading “Jarris vs. Broadband”


Bellaire is celebrating their annual Rubber Ducky Festival this weekend. For those that are not from the area, you may think that first sentence was a joke. It is not. Also, why are you reading this? Yes, indeed. For 30 years Bellaire has been celebrating bathing toys. It is weird. But, hey; at least theyContinue reading “Festivals!”

Facilities Again

The Board reconsidered the problems with the county building at their most recent meeting. At the previous meeting, Commissioners failed to approve a $3M proposed fix for the problems. Some Commissioners felt that it was foolish to spend so much money on a building that is 40 years old and has plenty of other problems.Continue reading “Facilities Again”

That’s How It Works

Dawn Lavanway had a question. During a recent audit presentation, Lavanway was confused by a chart. On the chart, the auditor showed a drop in projected revenue. Lavanway asked about the steep drop on the revenue line. The auditor awkwardly stopped and looked at Finance Manager Bradley Rizzo. Rizzo calmly explained to Lavanway that theContinue reading “That’s How It Works”

Kick the Can

Commissioners met August 4 and facilities were a big topic. An engineering firm presented a bid to fix the County Building’s facade. There were several options presented, but the Board settled on uninstalling the rickety death panels, and replacing them with modern metal-masonry hybrid panels. The price for this option came in at $3.5 Million.Continue reading “Kick the Can”

Primary Results

The Elephant Party voters have spoken, and we are here to celebrate. Gratitude Melissa Zelenak ran a good, active campaign. She worked hard, raised money, and mounted a significant challenge. To be honest, we got a little nervous. If we do not have the nonsense that comes out of Politician Jarris Rubingh’s mouth, this blogContinue reading “Primary Results”

Shut This Blog Down

It is primary election day. Did you vote yet? When you do vote, remember this blog. Your choice could shut this blog down. If you vote against crazed loony politicians that say stupid things and make terrible decisions, what would we have to make fun of? If you vote for rational and sensible people, itContinue reading “Shut This Blog Down”


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