The ARRRG mail was just delivered via pirate ship. Let’s see what we got.

Dead Presidents

pic via Wikipedia

Franklin Pierce was the 14th president of the United States. He was elected in 1853 and died in 1869. He was so offended by the conduct of the Antrim County Board of Commissioners, that he crawled out of his grave and sent a letter to the editor of the Antrim Review.

Thanks, Mr. President, for chiming in with your spot on observations.

In his letter, Mr. Pierce stated that he can’t wait to vote in 2022. Don’t tell Dawn Lavanway that a dead man is promising to vote in the next election.

Franklin Comes Alive

Speaking of Presidents. We received a letter from a person identifying themselves as Franklin Delano Bluth.

Yo, man, why this Board so dumb? I don’t want no part of this tight-ass bullshit.

Franklin D Bluth

Thanks for the note, Franklin.

– pic via fandom

Various Notes

Here are a few more notes:

Every time I watch a meeting I can’t believe it can be worse than a previous one…

-email correspondence

I just want you to know: I APPRECIATE YOU. Please keep up the good work. Your voice and views are badly needed to cut through this nonsense. Spot on commentary and entertaining too! Thanks!

-blog commenter

Knowing they have no power, nor authority, to call for a forensic audit, they vote to do it anyway… insane.

-email correspondence

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