Lawyer Library Fun

Last week the people of Elk Rapids decided to file a lawsuit. The people and their brave attorney have decided to take a stand against their vile and villainous foe:

The people of Elk Rapids.

That’s right. The people of Elk Rapids have decided to sue themselves.

The issue is ownership of the Island House. This is the spot near the harbor that is home to the library. The village of Elk Rapids and the Township of Elk Rapids can’t seem to figure out who actually owns the property.

According to the Retching Beagle, a philanthropist gave the island to the village in 1949. The Village then tried to give part of it to the township and both municipalities played hot potato with the property to the point that nobody knows who actually is responsible for it.

So, the village decided to do the only sane and rational thing: sue the township.

Unless you are a lawyer, this is obviously stupid. The village of Elk Rapids is within the Township of Elk Rapids. There isn’t actually much to the township outside of the village. Some people that serve on one board, live in the other. All of these people are neighbors, and all use the same services.

This is equivalent to the roadside swan getting pissed off at itself, and in a fit of fury, biting itself in the ass.

Self hating water fowl

This is a purposeful self-inflicted injury by a community that is apparently suffering a serious personality disorder.

Elk Rapids is suing itself. Lawyers, rejoice!

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  1. ……so glad you are back!


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