Jarris vs. Broadband

Politician Jarris Rubingh is notoriously bad with technology. He always needs help from staff in figuring out his ipad. He uses incorrect terminology, and is generally lost when it comes to using devices built in this current century. In July, he sent an allegedly illegal letter to constituents that appeared to be pecked out on a typewriter, and then mimeographed.

At the last Board meeting, Politician Jarris Rubingh made a tangential comment about ARPA fund usage. A commissioner had warned that if ARPA funds are used to repair the County Building, there would not be enough to use for a broadband expansion project.

That’s perfectly fine with Politician Jarris Rubingh!

He chimed in with a hot take: Antrim County should not have anything to do with getting people internet. He continued that he thought that it should all be left to private telecoms, and the county should stay out of it.

At that point, he claimed that he had spoken with many constituents who wanted Antrim to stay out of broadband expansion.

Who is he talking to? His cows? By the way, did you know that Politician Jarris Rubingh is a farmer? It’s not like he mentions it every five minutes.

What kind of a jerk would advocate for LESS access to the internet?

His statement that this should all be left to telecoms is ridiculous. Does he expect Frontier Communications to make a massive investment in fiberoptics? They went bankrupt for doubling down and investing in the old school telecom model. The other carrier is AT&T. They have shown no interest in offering expanded coverage.

On the other hand, Spectrum did receive a lot of grant money from the federal government to expand rural access to high speed internet. They have projects in other rural areas of the state. So, maybe?

In fact, the only company that has made a significant investment in this area is not a telecom at all. It is Great Lakes Energy. They have been investing heavily in providing service to current GLE customers. Their Truestream service offers up a lightning fast 1,000 megabites per second download speeds to some of the most rural areas of the county.


There are many parts of the County that need expanded high speed internet access. More people are working from home than ever. This is made possible by high speed internet allowing video conferences and instant communications across the globe. Businesses depend on fast connections and instant interactions to keep up with competition. Modern entertainment and social media interactions depend on high speed internet for streaming.

People in this county are sick of slow internet. Many people are forced to use their cell phone carrier to get any internet at all. Some use slow satellite service. We are not aware of anybody that would prefer to stick with 20 Mbps download speeds (standard speed for traditional carriers) when some county residents are rocking a full gig per second!

The county can help facilitate this. They can work with a vendor that will target areas needing coverage and find a way to make that financially viable for the vendor. We happen to think that is part of the County’s job. Politician Jarris Rubingh does not think so. In fact, he is adamantly opposed to the County doing anything of the sort.

He strides confidently forward in his crusade against decent internet. His confidence is bolstered by the knowledge that his cows are firmly behind him.

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  1. kedson says:

    How much does Jarvis take in farm subsidies? By the same thought process I don’t think the fed or state should be in the farming business.


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