Dumb Intersections

Not a whole lot going on right now. So, how about a list? The internet loves lists. The ultimate click bait!

“Top ten ghost towns in Michigan.”

“5 things about Miley Cyrus you need to know right now.”

“Four signs that your son is pregnant.”


So, here we go with our own list. Top 3 dumbest intersections in Antrim County:

3. Marion Center / Atwood Rd

This intersection is so dumb. First of all, why is it a three-way stop? Why not give Marion Center Rd a dedicated turn lane both eastbound and westbound?

There are hundreds of cars that use Atwood Rd to get between Ellsworth and US 31, and there are hundreds of cars that use Marion Center Rd to get between Ellsworth and Charlevoix. There are very few cars that use that intersection to turn on to Eaton Rd.

That’s right; there is a third road name at this intersection – Eaton Rd. Eaton Rd is the road that runs south of the intersection. Why does that road have a different name? Why isn’t that road called the same thing on both sides? Dumb.

Speaking of dumb names, what is a Marion Center? Is that road named after the abdominal area of a person named Marion? Perhaps there is an institution headquartered in the Ellsworth/Charlevoix area named Marion? As in: The Marion Center for Breezeway Awareness.

What the hell is the “Breezeway”? There is a series of roads between Atwood and Boyne Falls with signs reminding drivers that they are on “The Breezeway”. The Breezeway even has a website:

What is it?

Reading through the website, we still have no clue what the Breezeway is. But, whatever it is, you probably don’t want a dumb, stupid stop interrupting it for no reason. A better intersection would be, um… breezier?

2. Alba Hwy / US 131

This intersection was clearly designed for one purpose: to kill as many people as possible.

If traveling North or South on US 131, hanging a left hand turn at that intersection is a scary thing. But, it is nowhere near as frightening as attempting to Continue on Alba Hwy East or West bound, across 131.

The intersection is a strange angle. US 131 actually is not running South to North; it is oriented SW to NE. So, Alba Hwy intersects with 131 at an acute angle.

The Eastbound traffic, for example, has to pull up to the intersection facing almost south, in order to proceed east. It is hairbrained!

There is so much traffic in multiple lanes, that it is difficult to keep track of everything that is going on. And, since it is Alba, there are always wacky wild cards!

  • A group of 20 leather-shod bikers pulling out of the Green Lantern.
  • Drunk snowmobilers trying to make it to their fifth bar of the day.
  • Locals riding their lawn mowers side by side down the road (we’ve seen it).

Clearly many drivers just decide to gun it across the intersection -Frogger style. This is clear due to the number of bad accidents at this intersection.

It’s a death trap! And dumb.

1. Cayuga / Bridge St

Are tourists trying to normalize unnecessary yielding? This intersection is so awful that it is a source of entertainment.

For those not familiar with street names, this intersection is in downtown Bellaire where M-88 turns to the North. The Corner Bistro sits at this turn.

M-88 traffic has the right of way. If you are on N Bridge St turning on to E Cayuga, you don’t have to stop. If you are on E Cayuga turning on to N Bridge St, you don’t have to stop. Yet, all Summer long, we watch the tourists at this intersection, sitting at a stand still pondering what to do. This, while multiple locals are honking horns or yelling at the poor, confused idiots.

One of our shipmates witnessed a Sheriff’s deputy actually get out of his cruiser, and order a car to proceed through the intersection. It was like the opposite of a traffic stop. A cop had to tell this person to go. If the deputy had not done this, who knows how long the moron would have sat there perplexed?

Locals use this intersection to discern time. We can tell the time of year, not by weather, or calendars. Instead, we use the flow of traffic through this intersection. If it is all jammed up, it is July. If it is flowing smoothly, it is either November or April.

The next time you are in Bellaire looking for entertainment, grab a bite at the Corner Bistro patio. There, you can watch us honk and yell at the dimwit from Illinois who can’t follow basic traffic laws.

Do you have a nominee for a terrible intersection? Do you know what a “Breezeway” is? Comment below!

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